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Smart Touch F&B System

An affordable, proven and reliable F&B solutions to improve efficiency and cut costs.

Smart Touch F&B System

Smart Touch F&B System is one of the most affordable, proven and reliable F&B solutions available. Despite being so simple to use, it provides a wide range of functionality including Table, reservation, fast food order, order send to kitchen , Menu combo modify, cash control, merchandize planning, inventory and allocation, POS, members, promotions, multi-channel support, business analysis and more.

Our solutions helps retailers get back to basics - improving speed, increase services, improve efficiency and cut costs, yet can be rapidly deployed to meet the most demanding timescales.

Smart Touch F&B System implementations are the quickest and most cost effective in the industry. And unmatched flexibility minimizes total cost of ownership over the long term. It is proven in a wide range of F&B environments - from fast dining, cafe to posh restaurant - our software shows its wide spectrum of individuality and adaptability.


  • » Speed in order process & turnaround time
  • » Increase sales & profits
  • » Improvement in customer service
  • » Automation of tedious tasks to maximize efficiency
  • » Simplified management of your retail business
  • » Prevention of business loss through fraud & theft at outlets
  • » Efficiency improvement of your business by at least 20%
  • » Allowance for growth & expansion of more outlets!

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